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The fact that FatCow is different from most webhosting services that you are able to find these days cannot be denied anymore. In case that you have never taken the time to visit the website that represents this service, you should know that the team, which works behind this name, shows a great ingenuity that is manifested through a specific design, interesting descriptive content, and very complex features. Most probably, the best terms that someone can use to describe this service are “quality,” “competitiveness,” and “fun.”

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Again, Different


Unlike most webhosting providers, FatCow provides only one (yet remarkable) hosting plan, which offers customers unlimited hosting at a very great price. For only $4.67/month, you can get unlimited bandwidth, unlimited space, unlimited email accounts, free business listing in YelloPages.com, free domain, $25 Yahoo credit, $50 Google AdWords credit, and $50 Facebook credit.

But, the list does not end here. Some other great features that this service offers include free site building tools, ready-made templates and themes, integrated webmaster tools, selling and online store tools, application installation wizards, a great customer support, and many others. Thus, this service provides everything that you might need in order to create and operate a variety of professional-looking websites. Additionally, the service proposes its customers different special deals, which allow anyone to get webhosting for a cheaper price than the aforementioned one.

FatCow Is the Choice of Many People

This service is a great hosting alternative for anyone who does not want to spend a lot of money on webhosting. For instance, if you intend to create your very first website or blog, you can definitely choose this company. Another thing that you should know about is that signing up with this webhosting provider relates to a very simple process, which can literally redefine the term, “user friendly.”

Obviously, looking at the features and advertising credits that this company provides, you can easily understand that it delivers a truly competitive hosting plan that can defeat the plans of its competitors. The company also provides a 30-day money back guarantee. Therefore, you can check its services and use all of its functions for one month before deciding whether you should stay with it or look for another hosting service. But, the truth is that considering the exceptional service that FatCow provides, you will most probably choose to stay with it as soon as you test its great capabilities.

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